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print marketing

There are many useful tools available to market your business. Though it is crucial to have digital elements like a website or a social media account, print collateral is also equally important. There are cases where the best print marketing materials become more important than digital elements because there are people who don’t much rely on the internet.

There is always something about putting the brand in the hands of the people and offer them a chance to interact with it. Despite the widespread use of digital marketing, print marketing continues to thrive. Whether using direct mail marketing or handing out the hard-copy brochures or flyers to the people, print marketing can always help you to make the right statement.

What is print marketing?

Print marketing or print media advertising is a form of marketing that physically uses the printed media like magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, billboards, etc. to reach the business customers, consumers, and prospects. Nowadays, the advertisers also use digital media like banner ads, social media advertising, and mobile advertising to achieve the same target audience.

With the best print marketing techniques, the advertisers get the opportunity to target different readerships, with the advertising costs that are based on the nature and circulation of the readership. The advertisers and their advertising agencies compare the price to reach their target audience by using readership research and circulation figures from the individual media or the industry groups.

Best print marketing tips

Print marketing wheels do not need to be reinvented; instead, one can put an original spin on what has been done already. The following are the few useful tips that can help you to improve your print marketing collateral and also help you find ways to promote your business better.

Invest in a good design

It is not cheap to hire a designer, but it can obviously mean the difference between a return on investment or a complete failure of the campaign. The first thing that most of your audience sees is your design, and good design can pull them into your message and also make them want to learn more about your products or services. If you have a boring design, it will only become lost in the sea of various other video advertisements, and this is just as effective as not advertising at all.

Engage the senses

Marketing is very quickly becoming a multi-sensory experience for companies; therefore, using more than just visual to boost retention and attract attention is very important. The way the printed material smells and feels is also meaningful as the way it looks.

You can consider adding multi-dimensional elements like 3D effect, scent, texture, thickness, embossing, and other defining factors that can be very helpful for you to set the printed material apart from others. In addition to that, there is an option to add depth to your visual design to give a textured look, even if you are only using a flat image.

Connect to digital

Having the best print marketing material doesn’t mean that you can’t add a digital element. In addition to the website URL, you can consider using a QR code that can directly send the recipients to your website. Provide the recipients with a digital coupon or unlock some special deals. The main idea is to make sure that your print design is compelling enough that the customers would like to see more.

A video folder is another available option to combine both print and digital. The screens are placed on the cover or inside the video folder, and not only both marketing types are merged, but it also helps the customers to better interact with the brand.

Make your printed pieces timely

When you add a timely call to action on each of the printed marketing pieces, it accomplishes two goals, i.e. creating a sense of urgency for the recipient to act quickly and helping you to track the success of each printed campaign in a better way.

You can also consider including an expiration date to help your audience to take advantage of the offer. Always try to make it clear to the audience on what they need to do in order to cash in on what you are to offer them.

Leverage the localization power

In marketing, personalization is becoming increasingly important, especially regarding digital channels. Therefore, it is necessary for you to personalize your printed marketing materials. Keep in mind that this is not only about putting anybody’s name on a mailer.

By using the localization techniques, you can easily create the printed marketing messages to reflect the culture, values and other geographical factors of the market. You can consider including different things like icons in a specific market, famous landmarks or bush upon the area’s lingo. You can even discover what cultural demographics and unique factors are in an area that can help any person to feel as if you have created something only for them.

Let your brand do the talking

It doesn’t matter what kind of best print marketing message you are to create; it is your brand that needs to do the talking. There is a voice of your company, unlike others, and people have to associate each message with the voice that speaks to them.

If your voice is consistent, it can help others to associate themselves with your brand and increase your brand recognition for your future campaigns. If you are to create five print campaigns, the last thing that you would want is for each of the campaigns to look like it belongs to a different company.


There are countless best print marketing tips that can be put to fair use. There are various expert teams of designers that can help you to decide what your campaign requires to stand out in the competition. This way, you can have better results from your print marketing campaign and will prove helpful for you to create positive customer relationships, increase positive responses and improve your audience reach.


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