How To Decide Which Video Production Ad Is Right For You?

We all have grown up watching advertisements on TV and listening to it on the radio. There are also various print ads that captured our attention over the years. However, the time now has changed significantly. As we are driven by technological advancements and hooked to mobile devices as well as the internet, ads have taken the digital route. Now, we encounter video ads and image ads on various media platforms that generate interest. But the marketer and advertiser usually find themselves confused when deciding what video production is right for them. If you are someone who is facing the same dilemma than take a look at some of the tips below that you can follow to make the right decision.

⦁ Understand Its Performance on Specific Platform
As a marketer, before you choose a particular ad video, understand and analyze how the ad will perform on the specific platform. Video ads are undoubtedly more popular among those who wish to market their brand; however, it is better to run a few tests across different platforms to come to a decision. You can also do some research on the performance of each ad type for your industry and how it will act on various platforms that are you are using.

⦁ Pick the Format Based On Advertising Goals & Audience
In order to decide which video production ad is right for you, you must clearly define the results you want to produce from your ad campaign. If your goal is to raise awareness about a social issue, or boost product sales on your e-commerce website, you would need an ad that could bring the desired effect. Measure your goals by simply setting the number of impressions you want or the percentage increase in sales. A video that tells a story will leave an impactful impression on the viewer’s mind and a well-made product video ad will boost e-commerce sales.

⦁ Analyzing Conversion Rates
A well-crafted video production ad coverts much more than image ads. This is because video ads are engaging and keep the viewer hooked for long, which is enough to make an impression in his/her mind. By the end of the ad, the viewer gets convinced to buy something or at least know more about the product, hence they click on it.

⦁ Time Required For Production
It is a common belief that image ads are quick to make whereas video ads take time. This is true but not completely. The times have changed and ad production companies have become more proactive, thus taking the least amount of time possible to make an impactful video ad for the client. If you are not interested in getting anything complicate, in that case, a simple video ad might be even quicker to make. Recording and editing is done in a flawless and timely manner so that you don’t have to wait too long for it and start publishing it on various channels. A great ad doesn’t need to be too complex or hard, so do think about that.


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    Great article and really helpful for video production company. Videos are very powerful and have a vast future for any business. Thanks for sharing with us such a useful tips.

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    Nice post. Videos are really powerful. Nothing is as viral as video content. Your tips are really valuable for any video production company. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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