Photography Tips on how to make your videos look more professional

Videos are the most consumed Media format in all of entertainment industry. And even among them most are consumed by Smartphone users, amounting for nearly 70%. With the near advent of 5G technology, the Online Video consumption is sure to rise and as it does, so does the need of high quality Content for the viewers to enjoy.

A Picture speaks a thousand words, hence a Video has to express the emotional and spiritual gravitas of an entire plot in a short few minutes. The Videos have to be made in such a way that they reflect the Significance of the Scenes being depicted on the screen. Here are a few tips that will help you make your Video be the best it can be. A true masterpiece.

Tricks to Make a Professional Video

  1. A) Your motto for Video production should be Simplicity, Swiftness and Precision. And that starts with Concept creation and theme selection. Having a well-planned Script and content will make your production process a lot easier and forming an outline will make sure that you are always going in the right direction.

You should also conduct a lot Research, leaving no stone unturned in your search for inception of the perfect Script, and sculpting your desired theme into creation.


  1. B) Production: First thing that you should note about Video Production is lighting. Remember, that Natural light is your best friend when it comes to Videos. So choose the Filming time and place that has a lot of Natural light be it outdoors or a room with a lot of windows.

Next is Background Selection. What kind of background you choose depends on the type of content you are making. So your background may be your living room, your Office or even your kitchen if you are making something related to cuisines. You may also use green screens or curtains as they provide a consistency often overlooked by many creators, but setting them up maybe a tad bit complicated and require assistance.

  1. C) Next, of course, is the Camera selection. In this date and age, we all have a camera in our pockets via our smartphones so no need to spend hundreds of bucks on expensive camera equipment. High end cameras are required if you make a lot of content in a professional setting where their high cost is offset by the quality of content that they deliver.
  2. D) One place you should not hold back however is the Audio department. Good audio is essential for any kind of video Production and using the inbuilt Mic in your phone can lead to many mishaps. It is recommended to use a dedicated external Audio recorder to make the most consistent and professional videos.
  3. E) Last and most important is Post production Editing and Animations. This is the part where you add background music that will amplify the emotional depth of your video.

Having a completed making an Awe inspiring Video is not the last Goal. It is, to deliver it to the target audiences.  So go forth and make your dreams come true.



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