Pay Per Project

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    Pay Per Project


    • Flexible and adaptable to a variety of complex client situations.
    • Accountable and dependable to clients and coworkers.
    • Available and ready to help customers and coworkers.
    • Prepared to take the lead on tasks at short notice, both internally and externally.
    • Make customers feel secure and confident and earn their trust quickly.
    • Able to multitask and manage time efficiently with multiple customers and priorities.
    • Demonstrate leadership on customer relationships with minimal supervision or instruction
    • Good listener, patient and attentive to customers and their needs.
    • Persistent in finding the best solutions for customers and advocating for them.

      Key Performance Indicators

      • Responsiveness – turnaround on queries, availability to customers, sense of urgency
      • Quality – accuracy, clarity of communication, with customers and internal
      • Completeness – complete, thorough solutions to client issues, closing issues promptly
      • Customer retention and growth

      Desired Education/Skills/Experience

      • Bachelor’s degree
      • Passionate about building and growing a business, excited to be part of an innovative
        marketing strategy, and motivated to pursue creative solutions especially when challenged
      • Project management skills, ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks
      • Familiar with Office
      • Productivity software, web applications, interested in learning and
        comfortable with technology tools
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