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At Viral Video Advertising, we know how hard the decision it can be to choose a video production company for your needs. There are so many different companies in the space. We realize how important it is to work with a company that is professional, offers high-quality work, that’s flexible and cost-efficient.

Do you feel like nobody understands your product/service? Are you trying to engage a younger generation to your companies ideals? It is essential that the animated explainer video company that you decide to go with understands the message you are trying to portray. Look no further that the process than Viral Video Advertising.

We have worked with hundreds of companies for the past two years. In many different industries including Property, SaaS, Finance, FOREX, Crypto & Blockchain, Insurance, Forex and Medical Devices. Our in house creative team work hard to understand your message and convert it into a stunning viral video.

Very fair value. We charge way less than the industry leaders for even better quality videos and overall service. Don’t believe us, check it out our portfolio yourself!

A Consultative Approach. Our creative team will be available to contact at any stage of the video production process. We can communicate over email, phone or WhatsApp! We are available to you at the click of a button.

Fair pricing. We base our pricing around two factors; Length of Video and Complexity of the project. Meaning that our creative team will do a full assessment of your project and price it accordingly to match the needs of your project.

Speedy turnaround. You get a speedy turnaround within all our projects. We cut out the unnecessary steps in the process that other video companies offer. Our team gets straight to the point, and get the job done professionally and more importantly, on time!

We base our pricing around 2 factors – Length of Video and Complexity of the project. Meaning that our creative team will do a full assessment of your project and price it accordingly.

We’ve done a lot of research to find out how much a viral video costs in regard to our competitors around the world. We feel we offer the very best value in the market. Our prices are much lower than some of the extortionate market standards yet the quality of our work is better than most of our competition, check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

Our process unlocks a unique way to portray clarity, ease of use and to communicate effectively. We fill a communicative gap using our client’s own branded content. Then remixing it, adding animation, a bespoke voiceover and high-quality music to get every message across effectively!

Together we have a discovery call to gather all requirements. We’ll speak about your organization’s needs and whether we can aid you with your marketing goals.

Next we help you write a custom script/storyboard based on your own requirements and the desired length of the video. You can drop in all your logos/assets/Powerpoint Docs into our Project File to be sure branding is seamless within our video.

We then will record your bespoke voiceover. We have vast library of accents and languages to fit your project requirements and always make sure to use the most professional recording equipment.

Likewise, we source all our backing music and FX from artlist.io. This is our go-to library of high-quality music from independent artists worldwide.

Step five, animation, this is where the magic happens! We convey your business ideas and message through stunning animated characters and transitions. Take a look at our portfolio if you don’t believe us!

After the animation process we continue to work with you after the animation process through our ‘Project Delivery & Revisions Document’ where you are offered one round of revisions to fix anything you need to be changed.

When you send us back the document with the changes we can work on the final cut.

After the video is complete, you will be emailed an encrypted mega link to your video. Then you can leverage it wherever you wish; Linkedin, Youtube, or your own website landing page.

Voila! Schedule a call with us today to find out more via Calendly.

We offer one round of revisions within all our packages, to make sure every video is top notch quality. Any additional changes after the first round will incur an additional costing. We can discuss more about this when you contact with us.

We find the 60 second mark works best for explainer video content. It gives the viewer enough time to understand your message but no too much time for them to lose interest in your product / service. Our packages range from 30 – 90 seconds in total. Your video should contain enough information to achieve the message you want to put across while being short enough to make sure people watch to the end of the video and see your call to action.

There are many places that you can place your business explainer video online and even in day to day life. When people come to this page your video will help them understand what your product or service does quickly and efficiently.

There are many places you can use your brand new sparkling explainer video. Such as Social Media, Email Marketing, Email Signature and an FAQ section on your company website. Even on advertising boards in Airports, common areas within Universities, on LED tvs within office spaces. The list is really endless!

We offer nearly any accent that you can typically think of. We have a great bunch of folks that work with us on a daily basis that can match your voicing/tonal needs. From Irish Male to teenage US Female and from to UK kids too granny Australian female.

Your voiceover will be crystal clear and of a really high quality. We also offer our a background soundtrack from artlist.io which you can choose during our requirements gathering process.

Our head office is in Israel, we believe is working with expert people around the world and currently our team is in 15 countries

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