We’re technologists and entrepreneurs!

We have an undying passion for all things creative, and unshakable love for Viral Video Advertising. Our creative skillsets enable us to work with all kinds of businesses and organizations in all kinds of industries. We love this because by helping our clients be more successful, we are helping make Viral Video Advertising a better place to live and work; which benefits us ALL. Our clients love us because we’re creative and humble. They know we’re not here to make a name for ourselves; OUR success IS our client’s success. We treat everyone the same. With respect, with kindness, and a simple goal to create something great together.

we are a production and marketing company, creating viral videos that drives traffic, engagement, and conversion for industry-leading brands and startups.

Video Editor

The Video Editor is the key creative and technical personnel in the post-production of a video project.  The Video Editor is responsible for importing and organizing digital media, assembling, cutting and arranging video content, managing post-production projects, digitally manipulating audio and video elements, presenting cuts to directors, producers and clients, working with post-production personnel to achieve a finished video product and exporting video to distribution formats.

2D animation

  • Create final, fully posed, colored and in-between character animation based on provided storyboards
  • Embellish character action and emotion
  • Strong character acting ability, solid sense of comedic timing, high quality draftsmanship and drawing abilities
  • Well developed critical eye with strong attention to detail
  • Applicants must be able to follow the schedule set by the production team

3D animation

The 3D designer is responsible for designing, creating and implementing a variety of visual for the post-production finishing of video projects.  The 3D designer may be responsible for keying, compositing, animation, title design, image effects, 3D animation and effects.

Sound Engineer

The Sound Designer has a number of roles depending on the size and budget of a production, but he or she may be responsible for the design, creation, capture/recording, editing and mixing of the audio components of a video project.  The Sound Designer often works with production and post-production resources to ensure that audio is consistent, professional and effective through every stage of the process.

Customer Relationship Manager

The CRM Manager will work with customer service, marketing staff and operations to maintain a customer-focused attitude with a focus on activities that create lifetime customers.

Digital Marketing Expert

A digital marketing specialist is someone who works alongside a company’s marketing team to identify a target market, create a brand image, and create and maintain a marketing campaign for the internet and for digital technologies

Marketing Copywriter

  • Writing site, email, social copy, and occasionally supporting ad hoc creative copy needs
  • Sourcing informative, clever, engaging phrases and quotes for social posts
  • Writing short, snappy copy for email, headline, and ad calls to action
  • Helping craft a consistent brand voice and persona, and occasionally joining client calls for creative reviews
  • Attending team meetings as needed
  • Copy editing as needed(landing pages, ads)
  • Additional responsibilities as needed, assigned by Brand & Marketing Design Lead


A screenwriter writes content for visual mediums. They write screenplays for feature films, short films, television, commercials, and video games. They create the dialogue, the characters and the storyline of a script.

Storyboard Writer

storyboard writer is someone who takes a script (or just a concept) and turns the words into a visual story. It’s an important role because storyboard artists are in control of how others perceive the project. All different members of the production or development team look at storyboards for reference.

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