5 secret tricks to make your video go viral

Making a video go viral is an Art, and like every Artform there are certain tips that you can use to better your chances of making your video go Viral

Tips to make a viral video and earn your internet fame

1) An old adage is that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, though we think it’ll surely help if it’s a pleasant one.  That is why having a captivating Thumbnail for you Viral Video is so crucial. It is the first glimpse that viewers have of your Product, so it has to be Catchy enough to attract their attention.

A Thumbnail is made attractive using varying techniques. One that is used most often however, is a large Headshot of the Person featuring in the video. A smiling face is inviting, we all know that. This is true even for thumbnails a Smiling person will bring more clicks on your video than anything else.



2) An eye grabbing Title is essential in making a viral video. A Title that is keyword oriented will ensure that your video will have plenty of clicks by the end of the day. Your title should be descriptive while also short. Giving the viewers a hint of what they may find inside and tempting them into clicking to find out more.


3) Your video needs to have all that Tags that it can so that it may pop up in more and more searches. For example, just attaching the tag Hiking alone on your Video about hiking in the Appalachian Trail is not enough. You should add other broader tags like, Outdoors, Mountains, Nature as a way for more people to relate and be able to find your video. More tags ensures that wide algorithm searches will be able to find and recommend your video in most social media websites.


4) Length of your Video has a lot to do with how viral it will be. This is the reason behind the success of Platforms like TikTok where most content available is sub 30 seconds in length. The reason for this is the short attention span of the users of these websites. Most people will not wait more than a minute for your video to get at the crux of the matter and if your video is too long, the length is off putting in itself to most of the viewers. Make sure that your video takes only as much time as it needs and not a second more.

5) Now we reach the most vital part of making a viral video. It step is to run a Video Campaign in Popular Social Media Websites. Having your Video advertised in Website with Millions to visitors will help with the Spread of your Video.  Develop strategies that target your selected audience and make the kind of content so that the people share it among their friends and families.


So go out, look around yourself and you seek that opportunity to make a viral video and earn your internet fame.


What is your tip for creating a video that’s worth getting viral?



  1. Desmond

    Video is undoubtedly becoming the future of online media (video) marketing, as it is one of the best ways to attract customers.

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